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Choose your next career path and get into teaching through Teach North Lincs.

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Initial teacher training in North Lincolnshire is designed to enable you to train in local schools within easy distance of your home address - this ‘local solution’ ensures that travel costs to school placements are kept to a minimum. In addition the provision of a central hub in the area provides high-quality, bespoke training removing the need for commuting to other, more distant training institutions.


Initial teacher training in North Lincolnshire will equip you with an effective and practical toolkit of skills. Work based learning in the school environment and teaching your own class will help to ensure you have the confidence to succeed and secure employment.


Initial teacher training in North Lincolnshire provides you with the experience of learning and working directly in schools. A majority of the time will be spent in school, where you will draw first-hand from the expertise of school-based mentors, school colleagues and support tutors. On graduation, you will be in the best possible position as you embark on your own teaching career. 

Find out more about the North Lincolnshire Schools Centred Initial Teacher Training programme.

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National routes into teaching

Local routes into teaching

  • North Lincolnshire School-Centred Initial Teacher Training Partnership (SCITT)
  • School Direct (Primary and Secondary, Leading Learning Forward TSA)

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